Almighty God is worthy of praise!

We would love to have you to gather with us for worship, Bible study, or relationship building opportunities.

Click here for holiday schedule for Thanksgiving/Christmas 2018.

Sunday Bible classes – 9:00am
Sunday Worship – 10:00am
Small Groups meet in homes at times determined by the groups
The Middle (Wednesday nights at Lafayette) – 7:00pm

Gathering and Scattering

Two words you will hear frequently at Lafayette are “gathering” and “scattering.” We believe that gathering and scattering are the holy rhythm of the church. Just as humans inhale and exhale, the church gathers and scatters.

We gather each Sunday as family to worship the glory of God.
We scatter each Monday as missionaries to reflect the glory of God.

Gathering and scattering is the way we connect Sunday and Monday.
Gathering and scattering is the way we connect our God and our world.

We would love for you to gather with us at Lafayette.
We would love for you to scatter with us on mission for God!