Join us tonight!

Hope you can join us for a simple dinner and conversation tonight before
The Middle: Wednesdays at Lafayette classes begin at 7:00pm.

Raising Canes Jan 31

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Sunday, January 21 at Lafayette

A Second Time for web
9:00am worship gathering with songs of praise, the sacred meal, worship through giving, and A Second Time, a message from Jonah 3.
plus 15 the adult class meeting in the worship center will focus on lament during illness. If you want to do some foundational reading, check out Psalms 102, 38, 90, 71, 39, and 41. Be listening for “the call to lament,” this week featuring the music of Jeff Buckley.
11:30am-2:00pm our children and teens work on their LTC (Leadership Training for Christ) preparation.
3:15pm worship at Mason Pointe Care Center
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January 14 at Lafayette

4 Reading and Responses.jpgThis Sunday at Lafayette —
9:00am worship gathering with songs of praise, the sacred meal, worship through giving, and a message through four readings and responses.
plus 15 our “extended” winter holiday break is over and our regular schedule of classes resumes Sunday. The adult class meeting in the worship center begins the home stretch of classes on the lament psalms with the last four focused on dealing with life’s disappointments, illness, conflict, and the imprecatory psalms. Be listening for the “call to lament,” this week a jazz version!
11:30am-2:00pm our children and teens kick off their LTC (Leadership Training for Christ) preparation.
3:15pm worship at Mason Pointe Care Center
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Sunday, January 7, 2018 at Lafayette

The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Weather Advisory from noon today until 3:00am tomorrow for our area. The advisory warns of a wintry mix including freezing rain.
Today we will gather for worship at 9:00am but have cancelled the Bible classes and LTC practice that were scheduled to follow our worship gathering.
Our intention is to give everyone the opportunity to get home safely by about 11:00am. You are encouraged to look at the forecast for your particular area and make a decision about the wisdom of your travelling today.
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The Middle returns tonight!

At Lafayette we gather to worship God on Sundays, we scatter to reflect God on Mondays, and in The Middle we get together to encourage one another!

Tonight all adults are invited to begin a new six-week class in the fellowship hall. We will be drilling deep into Philippians 4:4-8 to make applications to our life. Tonight we begin with an introduction to Philippians.

Women unable to attend the Tuesday Bible study for women are invited to a repeat presentation of the previous Tuesday’s class in the worship center.

The children are encouraged to participate in their classes.

And last but not least, teenEPIC will meet in the EPICenter for their study and fellowship.

The Middle

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December 31 at Lafayette

We don’t need a forecast to know it’s cold, but the forecast for 9:00am on December 31 does get our attention — 5 degrees with a wind chill of minus 25 degrees!

By all means, if you are not well, stay home; but that being said, we have a special morning planned for those who can gather with us for worship. So if you are able, bundle up and join us for a worship gathering featuring Table and Word, songs, a final opportunity in 2017 to worship God with our tithes and offerings, in a relaxed environment with plenty of time afterward for catching up with your church family brothers and sisters.

Just the Right Time title jpg.jpg

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December 27 at Lafayette

Today Lafayette is taking a break from our regular Wednesday activities, The Middle. Everyone is encouraged to enjoy this refreshing time of rest.

Tonight might provide you with a good opportunity to spend time with the 2017 Examen Prayer that was distributed last Sunday.

The MIddle: Wednesdays at Lafayette will resume next Wednesday, January 3, 2018.

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Christmas Eve at Lafayette

We are expecting a light snow to be falling when we gather for worship at 9:00am on Christmas Eve. What a perfect setting to welcome one another into our gathering and exchange warm Christmas greetings!

We will sing Christmas songs, be led at the Table by Dane Roper, worship God with our first-fruits giving, hear a Christmas sermon from Isaiah 9:2-7 and prepare our hearts for the rest of the week which for many will be a time for family, feasting, and rest.

And for those who are lonely or grieving this Christmas, we pray that our gathering will be a reminder of the comforting presence and unfailing love of our gracious and merciful God.

A New Light has Dawned title.jpg

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Tonight in “The Middle” at Lafayette

Tonight in “The Middle” at Lafayette, teenEPIC will have their last small groups of the year in the EPICenter, the children will meet in their classrooms, the Bible study for women will meet in the worship center for those unable to attend on Tuesday, and the adults will wrap up their study of John in the fellowship hall.

The Middle

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Cider Sunday

You are invited to stay after our worship gathering on December 17 for Cider Sunday. We will share conversation while sipping cider or coffee and munching on fruit, bagels, donuts, and other goodies. You do not need to bring anything, just come, relax, and enjoy.

cider sunday


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