Holiday Schedule – May 29

No Classes on Sunday, May 29
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Camp Neotez Volleyball Tournament

All are welcomed and encouraged to attend; all concession sales go to help Camp Neotez. Teens should contact Ethan. Any adult who wants to form a team can contact Mike for more information. Click here for all the rules and tournament information.

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Lafayette Superset Quarterly Luncheon

Join the Lafayette SuperSet for a time of fellowship and food on Friday, April 15 at 11:30 AM. Mike Hitchcock will share information about the Lafayette Food Pantry with the group. Contact Sue Bond or Carol Roland to sign up.

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Lafayette Happenings!

This past weekend was the busiest since our return from Covid. Thursday night, twenty-five ladies gathered together to hear an encouraging word from Karen Andrews and to welcome Emily Blackstone to the Lafayette Family. Saturday evening, nearly forty Lafayette teen parents and ministry partners joined Ethan and Emily in a “Welcome to St. Louis” where Imo’s, toasted ravioli, and other St Louis favorites were enjoyed by everyone. Finally, after a great time of worship together on Sunday morning, about fifty joined together in the Fellowship Hall for a brown bag luncheon and to hear Rusty and Karen Andrew’s latest plans for returning to Greece later next week.

In addition to youth ministry, ladies ministry, and mission work, there are a lot of great opportunities to serve and encourage others as we engage in kingdom work together. We would love for everyone to find a place to get involved. If you would like to find a way to use your gifts, please contact Ethan, Kyle, or Mike or another ministry leader to get going.

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Lunch with the Blackstones

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