New to Lafayette?

Membership at Lafayette

“Membership” at Lafayette is not about coming and sitting for an hour on Sunday when it’s convenient. Our purpose as a church is greater than seeing how many people we can get to sit together in one room for an hour on Sundays. What does it mean to be a member at Lafayette?

  • Being a member at Lafayette means a commitment to gathering for worship of the Most High God. So, you are encouraged to make Sunday worship gatherings a priority rather than an afterthought, to open your heart to the Word, to participate at the Table, and to give generously as worship to God.
  • Being a member at Lafayette means opening your life to others by living together in a family of faith. So, we encourage you to be, when offered, involved a Small Group and in other opportunities to experience the common life of faith — fellowship.
  • Being a member at Lafayette means allowing God to shape your lifestyle. So, we encourage you to be committed to regular participation in spiritual formation opportunities like Sunday Bible classes, the Tuesday Bible Class for Women, or The Middle, Wednesdays at Lafayette.
  • Being a member at Lafayette means serving within our church family as well as in the community outside our church. So we encourage you to train to become a Lafayette Bible class teacher, sing with the praise team, or commit to serving in the audio-visual ministry as well as getting involved in AWARE tutoring, Christian Family Services, or volunteering with something like Circle of Concern or Lighting The Path.
  • Being a member at Lafayette means being a mission partner at Lafayette. So we encourage you to not only make a commitment to regularly gather on Sundays to worship the glory of God, but also make a commitment to scatter out in your neighborhoods, places of work and schools on Mondays to reflect the glory of God. Wherever we go, we go as a mission partner to spread the love of God and the message of the kingdom of God.

If you are interested in membership at Lafayette and would like to know what next steps are, we would love to talk to you. Please contact us at the church office (636.391.6697). We would love to talk to you about joining us on the journey of discipleship, tell you about first steps at Lafayette, and get you in touch with others who can walk with you as you get settled into the family.