10.2021 Superset Newsletter

Glen Clute served the Lafayette Church of Christ for many years through his devotion to The Superset. Before he passed away in May 2013, Glen passed the Superset leadership torch to Sue Bond and Carol Roland.

The Lafayette Superset was begun in 1990.  It is a multi-faceted ministry for those of 55 years or older.  It provides support to people in this age group; it encourages and facilitates active participation of our older saints in the many programs of work at Lafayette; and it reaches out into our community to those in this age group with fellowship and the Good News of Jesus.

Superset usually meets at the Lafayette church building once each month.  After sharing a delicious meal, there is a devotional period, followed by a business meeting where future activities are planned. There is a monthly celebration of birthdays at a local restaurant. Field trips to various activities or performances, games, and an annual picnic are often on the agenda, too.  Participation is voluntary and all decisions are reached by the majority.  Check the link at the top of this page to see the newsletter sent out each month to keep the Superset informed of activities.