Here are several examples of Outreach Ministry events

  • AWARE Tutoring (All Who Are Receiving Education) offers tutoring on Mondays at 6:30pm at the Lafayette Church building to any students who would like help with their studies.
  • Each year Lafayette members collect school supplies to be shared with students who can not afford to buy them.
  • As needed Lafayette members prepare food boxes for distribution in partnership with the West Central Church of Christ (see sample letter below).
  • Each year members from Lafayette partner with the West Central Church of Christ in St. Louis to provide a Christmas Day dinner for people in the neighborhood around the West Central Church of Christ building.
  • Several members of the Lafayette Church of Christ (currently: Kevin Fields, Jan Johnson, and Alisha Tillman) serve on the Board of Directors for Christian Family Services, a parachurch organization dedicated to providing foster care and counseling.
  • Lafayette member Dawn Malcolm leads her non-profit para-church organization called Lighting the Path that many people at Lafayette support.
  • Each year Lafayette members participate in the National Urban Ministries Conference.