Relationship Building (Fellowship)

Relationship building plays an important role in being spiritually formed. At Lafayette we realize how important it is to love God and people. Often our love for God is demonstrated best in our love for people. Here are a few of the ways in which Lafayette encourages relationship building.

  • Connect Groups, Lafayette’s small group ministry for September 2013-May 2014, provide opportunities to begin or deepen relationships. Click here to read a brief announcement about the Connect Groups ministry. Click here to read a Connect Groups FAQ.
  • Cook’s Night Out is a monthly Wednesday evening dinner for all who gather with us for Wednesday Bible study and teenEPIC. The meals are always simple (for example, tacos, taco salad, pizza, bbq, or burgers), inexpensive (just $3 per person), and delicious! But even better is the opportunity for conversation provided by this time together at the table.
  • From time to time Lafayette has other special community building opportunities like pot-luck meals, holiday parties, cook-outs, and progressive dinners.
  • The Women’s Ministry Holiday Party raised funds for the St. Louis Crisis Nursery.