Campus Stewardship

We pray our campus will be an outpost of the kingdom of God; a place where people can experience the love of God; a space where people can gather to worship God and from which people scatter to reflect God.

God has richly blessed us with our grounds and facilities. We are thankful to have a facility that is debt free. We believe maintaining it and making it useful for our mission is a matter of stewardship. 

Charles Rhoades is frequently seen working on the Lafayette Church of Christ campus. Charles provides for the maintenance and repair of campus infrastructure including HVAC, electrical, plumbing, bulbs, filters, interior and exterior lighting, church furnishings, and the parking lot.

Pam Volk has years of experience in landscaping. Pam has served for several years as the point person to oversee the planning, planting, and care for our trees, shrubs, and flowers.

Leland Tillman has accepted responsibility for overseeing contracts on lawn care, janitorial services, dumpster service, and snow removal.

Steve Ruckman coordinates repair and replacement of campus structures and the maintenance and repair of the church van and trailer.

We are thankful for these servants and all who assist them in leading the stewardship of our church campus.