March Kids Classes

Kids Classes in March!

Our March classes will begin this Sunday in the Lafayette Children’s Ministry

Spiritual formation for our children is a role for both parents and the church. Each week (Sundays and Wednesdays) there are opportunities for your children to learn more about God in classes designed specifically for them. We appreciate our teachers who spend time preparing classes. This month, Troy Ruckman will be teaching on Sunday mornings. Wednesday nights are led by Jenny Schuth and Laci Johnson. In addition to our formal classes, Kings Kidz continues to be a tool where children can actively learn and grow during the sermon time each Sunday.

However, just like practicing sports, music, or academics, children (and all of us) cannot just do something once or twice a week and expect to get better at it. We must exercise our faith muscles daily. We encourage parents to take time to pray, read, and discuss living out a walk with Christ with your children each day. If you need a jumpstart, you can see what each week’s class material covers here. Spending just a few minutes each night just going over the memory verse for the month would go a long way in storing God’s word in your child’s heart (Psalm 119:11).

We want to thank Jenny Schuth and her team of volunteers as they continue to minister to our children. If you would like to help by volunteering to teach or assist in some way, you are encouraged to contact Jenny. The more people we have helping, the greater the kingdom impact we can make for our children.


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