“Home” Improvements

As we continue to “reopen” there are many parts moving all at once. Pre-pandemic it was decided that the houses on the southwest side of the property were no longer viable for sustained use as an office building and teen house. Repairs to the foundations and structures were not cost-effective.

The closing of the preschool in early 2020 allowed for the consolidation of some of the space. All of the office and EPICenter equipment, furniture, files, and supplies had to be moved to the main building. Currently, the classrooms on the east hall (Education Hall) house most of the materials brought over and have served as temporary office space for our staff and administrative volunteers (Joe Johnson and Felicia Smith).

Recently, a team of Lafayette volunteers headed up an effort to update some of the classrooms on the south hall (Admin Hall) in the old part of the building that once housed the preschool (see picture below). Thanks to Eli Andrews, Jim Atkinson, Bob Copeland, Herb Crown, Mike Harris, and Jim Zeller for helping with the Admin Hall makeover! This will allow Kyle and Mike to vacate their current temporary storage/office rooms in the Education Hall. The office equipment, food pantry, and other items currently being stored in classroom spaces will also soon be moved to the Admin Hall as we move toward opening classes sometime in the fall. The new conference room is also located in that hallway.

We will continue to keep you updated on improvements and changes coming our way. If you have a specific question, it may be that others are wondering the same thing. Please send your question to office.lafayettechurch@gmail.com. Kyle and Mike both monitor that address and will do their best to find the answer and respond either directly or in a public forum so we all can move forward together.

Herb Crown recently led a team of volunteers who cleaned and painted what will be known as the Admin hall on the south side of the building. Thanks to Herb, Eli Andrews, Jim Atkinson, Bob Copeland, Mike Harris, and Jim Zeller for their hard work!
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