COVID Update for Sunday, May 16

In addition to the information in the letter below, if you have not yet registered for services tomorrow, we ask that you CLICK HERE to do so as soon as possible.

Dear Lafayette Family, 

Over the first few weeks of our Sunday AM gatherings, we have operated within what is required of us by St. Louis County and recommended by the CDC, and even exceeded such guidelines. We, then, like most of you, have been paying close attention to the recent federal and local updates. The timing of such updates coming on Thursday/Friday makes fully adjusting for an upcoming Sunday difficult, especially considering our more concerned members pre-registered expecting a particular set of precautions. We recognize this is an imperfect plan communicated on short notice, but it provides a compromise that can work for this Sunday, May 16. As always, the service will still be accessible virtually for any who need to choose that option. We will re-group this coming week and communicate plans for May 23 and beyond.

Tomorrow morning, we WILL:

  • Ask you to “mask while moving”–entering the building, using the restroom, interacting after service, etc. 
  • Enter at Door 2. 
  • Usher you to seats based on your pre-registration, as normal.
  • Provide individual Communion kits and Offering boxes.
  • Offer an opportunity before the last song to be dismissed outside.

Tomorrow morning, we will NOT:

  • Require masks to be worn throughout service. While the CDC recommends “no masks” only for fully vaccinated people, the federal government and St. Louis County have recognized that enforcing such a recommendation is nearly impossible. Thus, they are not going to, nor will we, once seated. A number of our members will want to continue wearing their masks for a variety of reasons–not fully vaccinated, special health concerns, haven’t researched the updates yet, want to best protect loved one in the church or their family, etc.–and that is acceptable, if not encouraged.
  • Take temperatures at Door 2. 
  • Dismiss the entire congregation to the parking lot. However, if you fellowship inside, we still encourage you to mask up and at least ask before invading personal space. 

We have learned over the past two months that these changes will be seen as too rash by some, too hesitant by others, and just right for yet another group. In that sense, this Sunday is no different than any other!

As we again look at how the resurrection of Jesus was the driving force behind everything the early church was about, may our gathering tomorrow be more about the presence of the risen Lord in our midst than about the wearing or non-wearing of masks, our scientific or political opinions, etc. To God be the glory!

Kyle Johnson & Mike Brown

On behalf of the Health & Safety Team
In accordance with the Lafayette eldership

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