Sunday, February 14

Online worship gathering Sunday

Click here to join worship on Sunday, February 14

  • Our gathering is live rather than pre-recorded!
  • We begin at 10:00am and end about 11:15am but you can enter as early as 9:30am and listen to music in the waiting room.
  • You do not have to have a Zoom account.
  • You will have opportunity to have your computer webcam on or off, that being said, having your webcam on will give us a sense of being together that we do not have when cameras are off.

Connecting by phone
If you do not have a computer, tablet, or smart phone you can still be a part of the gathering. You can “call in” to join the meeting and listen over your phone. Just call 312-626-6799. When asked for the meeting ID, enter 482 638 780# and when asked for personal ID, enter #.

Need help getting connected?
Join the meeting early so there is time to troubleshoot, if necessary. Helpers will be standing by to troubleshoot and help you join — call Herb Crown or Ethan Laster.

Prepare your heart for worship
Sunday’s sermon is “It Is Good For Us To Be Here”: Revisited
Scripture Reading: Mark 9:2-9

About a year ago, we considered Peter’s mysterious response to Jesus after Jesus was transfigured before him on the mountaintop. How did you interpret his words then, and do you interpret them any differently now? Peter’s response to Jesus’ transfiguration will be a launching pad for us as we consider the mountain-and-valley nature of the Christian journey.– Kyle Johnson

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