Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Tonight’s adult class
If you do not have a computer, smart phone, or tablet, you can join the class on most any phone by calling 312-626-6799. When asked for the meeting ID, enter  834 6406 4561# and when asked for personal ID, just enter #.
Last week we looked at the idea of divine providence through the lens of four of the major characters: Mordecai, Haman, Xerxes, and Esther. The ongoing mystery, both in the book of Esther and in our own lives, concerns how God chooses to work and act through human characters. We will continue that conversation tonight, with an emphasis on the “human responsibility” side of the coin. We will also attempt a viewing of the Bible Project and a dive into the literary “chiasm” engrained within Esther.
Re-reading some or all of Esther is encouraged. As you do, here are some questions to consider. There will be time for you to share any reflections during class.
1) Are “divine providence” and “human responsibility” two sides of the same coin? Is there a better metaphor (than the coin one) to explain the mysterious relationship between these two realities?
2) How have I seen God’s providence worked out in my own life? Is it easier to see it in retrospect, or in the moment?
3) What role do I as a Christian play in carrying out the providence of God? In what arenas of my life do I partner with God to further God’s purposes in the world?
4) Esther is a literary masterpiece. How does this recognition, that “the Bible is literature”, affect my wider understanding of what Scripture is? Of how God speaks to God’s people through the written word?
All adults are encouraged to join us for this study!
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