Palm Sunday, April 5

  • The gathering will begin at 10:00am and end about 11:15am.
  • You can enter early to listen to music in the waiting room.
  • You do not have to have a Zoom account.
  • You will have opportunity to have your computer webcam on or off, that being said, having your webcam on will give us a sense of being together that we do not have when cameras are off.

No Computer?

If you do not have a computer, tablet, or smart phone you can still be a part of the gathering. You can “call in” to join the meeting and listen over your phone.

Just call 312-626-6799. When asked for the meeting ID, enter 482 638 780# and when asked for personal ID, enter #.

Prepare your Heart

Sunday we will share a conversation with a couple of our Lafayette members, a few thoughts about our current situation, and Watching Over the Flock: Jesus, a message based on a reading of Hebrews 13:7-18. To prepare your heart for the gathering, prayerfully read the text, Hebrews 13:7-18 before Sunday.

Why the regularly scheduled sermon instead of something special at this time? Because sometimes we need some normalcy when everything is turned upside down. And this week, a reminder at who we need to be looking at and following right now…JESUS!

Spiritual exercise: pandemic edition

In our gathering Sunday Bob Clark will be introducing a spiritual exercise that has been helpful to him and he thinks might be helpful to you as we continue to make our way through the pandemic, one day at a time.

We are excited about not only introducing this exercise, but hearing from you about your exercise sessions.

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