Join us for worship March 22

Streamed worship “gathering” on Sunday, March 22
  • Just click on the above link at 10:00am.
  • You can enter a few minutes early and wait in the waiting room.
  • You do not have to have a Zoom acount.
  • You will have opportunity to have your computer webcam on or off.
  • That being said, having your webcam on will give us a sense of being together that we do not have when cameras are off.
If you do not have a computer and would like to “call in” to join the meeting, you can call 312-626-6799. When asked for the meeting ID, enter 856 051 619# and when asked for personal ID, just enter #.
Click here to watch a one minute tutorial on how to join a Zoom meeting that you might find helpful.
What will the “gathering” be like?
  • First, let me say it will be great, because we will be “together!”
  • Second, it is not going to be a slick production. Just as on a normal Sunday, we are not putting on a show, we are worshipping together.
  • Third, it will be a simple time of worship with Table and Word. It will have some of the same flow that we usually have when we are together. We will begin with the shepherd’s welcome and conclude with you having the opportunity to pray with one of the elder couples.
  • Fourth, it is BYOC (bring your own communion), so have your communion cups that we distributed ready or otherwise provide your own supplies.
  • Fifth, you will be given a couple of ways to give. We believe we will have opportunities to minister in new ways during and after this emergency. We are aware of personal financial difficulties that we want to address. And of course, we have our regular expenses to pay.
Tips for better reception
If you get a message that says”unstable internet connection,” you might want to try to limit the number of computers and phones connected to the WIFI you are using in your house. You might want to turn off the WIFI connection on your phone temporarity.
Backup plan
Our first attempts at using Zoom have been very positive (Last Wednesday’s adult class and youth group); however, we anticipate this Sunday there could be hundreds of churches using this platform for the first time. If Zoom crashes, we have a plan B, I will make an audio recording of the sermon and post it on the Lafayette website. Listening instructions will be posted at Last week we had about 120 downloads of the sermon by Lafayette folks. This week that is a plan B that I hope we don’t have to resort to using.
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