Special COVID-19 announcement

March 15 schedule 
We want you to know that after reading CDC guidelines and checking with the City of Ballwin and St. Louis County guidelines regarding guidance on group gatherings, at this time Lafayette plans to be on our normal meeting schedule on Sunday, March 15.
That being said, there may be Lafayette members who do not need to attend, especially those who are at higher risk of getting very sick from COVID-19 (older members and those with heart or lung disease or diabetes). Click here to read the complete guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention regarding who is at higher risk.  It is important that you make an informed decision as to whether or not it is best for you to be in the gathering Sunday. 
Additionally, we want to remind anyone who is sick with a cough and fever to not come to the gathering Sunday.
Changes are so rapid
So this is our plan as of 3:30pm on Friday, March 13. If the changing situation warrants our plan being adjusted, you will be notified by text message (those who did not authorize texts from church will need to check their email before Sunday’s gathering).
Greet one another with a holy kiss
We long-ago transitioned from “holy kisses” to “holy handshakes” in our culture. It seems like a good time for another transition, this time from handshakes to elbow bumps, air hugs, air high fives, or toe taps; and remember, while we have long had hand-sanitizing stations in the foyer, nothing beats washing your hands with soap and water!
Walk-up communion
Beginning Sunday we will have walk-up communion until further notice. Rather than receiving communion through passed trays, you will have an opportunity to receive communion at one of several stations set up in the worship center.
Congregational contingency plans
Over the last month Lafayette has made contingency plans for the church in the weeks to come, should the need arise. Bob will be addressing our current situation in general and  announcing those contingency plans Sunday just before his sermon.
Sunday’s bulletin and an audio recording of Bob’s comments, announcement, and sermon should be available by 2:00pm Sunday for those who are unable to be in the gathering Sunday. There is always a link to the weekly bulletins, sermon audio recordings, and online giving each Monday in The Scattering.
We do not want to live in fear; after all, “The Lord is my Shepherd….” However, it is not inconsistent with faith to want to prevent disease, prepare for emergencies, and seek help. You can take action to prepare and prevent as well as seek help without shame. So don’t worry, but at the same time do not let anyone shame you for thinking through the situation and doing what is best for you.
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