December 15 winter weather watch

A winter weather watch is in effect beginning at 9:00am on Sunday, December 15. Lafayette is planning to meet for classes at 9:00am and worship at 10:00am as scheduled since the snow is not expected to begin until around noon. We are planning to wrap up our gathering a little earlier than usual to allow a little extra time for travelling home.

Here is Lafayette’s complete inclement weather policy, as a reminder–

During winter months we face inclement weather from extreme cold to snow and ice. At other times we face severe storms and the high probability of tornadic activity. Weather events may result in the cancellation or rescheduling of gatherings planned at Lafayette. Cancellation or rescheduling is announced on this website’s homepage, on our Facebook page, by text messages to members who have elected to receive texts, email messages, and a phone call to the Superset leaders.

While cancellations may be prudent in some extreme cases, please keep in mind a couple of things. Just because an event has not been cancelled does not mean you have to get out. In some situations it might be wise for you to stay home. You know your health concerns, and the driving challenges you face better than anyone. So, please use good judgment in deciding whether or not to get out of the house and onto the road.

The Lafayette Church of Christ Tuesday Bible Study for Women follows the Rockwood School System’s lead regarding inclement weather.

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