Worship at the Park Sunday

5 things you need to know about Sunday’s gathering

  1. We will gather for worship and a picnic at Wildwood Community Park. The gathering will begin at 10:00am, but you can arrive early for coffee and conversation. We will not be meeting at the Lafayette campus on Sunday, September 11.
  1. Fried chicken, water, and lemonade will be provided. Please bring a side dish to share with everyone.
  1. The park has picnic tables that will seat 80-100 people, so those who have lawn chairs are encouraged to bring them. Also, if you have a little one you may want to bring your pack-n-play.
  1.  The park is ADA approved, so it is accessible to those with walkers and wheelchairs. Also, there is a great playground for the kids and a creek that runs nearby. Parents, please watch your children to insure they have the most fun possible!
  1. Parking is limited, so we ask you not only to limit the number of cars per family, but also consider carpooling with another family if you can.

Need more information? Contact Kevin or Cindy Fields or Jim or Kathy Zeller.

How do we get to Wildwood Community Park?
First, you need to know…
  • Do not rely on your GPS. The park is that new.
  • Do not look for a big Wildwood Community Park sign. There’s not one.
Second, here are the simplest instructions starting from Lafayette campus.
  • Go west on Manchester Road.
  • Slow down as you approach and pass the 109/Eatherton Road exit.
  • Immediately after you go under 109/Eatheron Road you will turn right at the first driveway opening.
  • You will see a sign that says, “Pond Road Next Intersection.” The driveway to the park is just past that sign.
  • We will have a small Lafayette sign and some blue balloons marking the driveway.
Third, call if you have trouble.
  • Bob Clark will have his cell phone on.
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