All Activities Cancelled April 8

Due to the possibility of additional severe weather, Lafayette has cancelled all activities scheduled for Wednesday night, April 8.

Our church building took a major hit in yesterday’s hail storm. Tarps are being placed over the roof right now for protection from the two additional inches of rain expected in the next 24 hours. Already plans are being made to replace the roofs of the church office and the church building as soon as possible.

The forecast is calling for a couple of additional waves of possibly severe storms this afternoon and this evening. So we are cancelling all activities for tonight and encouraging you to stay home and stay safe.

Below is a photo of the parking lot during the hail storm.

Hail 2 April 2015

Hail April 2015

Above is a view of the hail on the roof about two hours after it fell.

Below is a view of the tarps being placed on the roof.

Tarp April 2015

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