December 8, 2013 Plans

Overnight we received some dry snow with light accumulations of varying amounts across the region. I have just driven from home to the Lafayette campus.

  • Side roads have a light snow covering.
  • The major roads I traveled (Baxter, Clarkson, and Manchester) were in good shape.
  • The church parking lot has been plowed and de-icer has been applied.

Looking at the weather forecast, it seems we could get a few additional snow showers, but nothing major is predicted. The biggest potential problem seems to be the possibility of some freezing drizzle predicted to begin as early as noon or as late as 5:00pm (depending on which forecast you read).

This being said, we plan to have our gathering at Lafayette as scheduled at 9:00am. Lafayette members drive to our gatherings each week from at least 29 cities across the region. Road conditions can vary. Please keep that in mind as you decide whether or not to drive today.

Reminder — you can read our inclement weather policy here.

Bob Clark



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