The Gospel in 7 Words (or less)

What is the message and meaning of the gospel? How would you describe it in seven words or less? That was the challenge presented recently to a few Christ-followers at Lafayette (I got the idea from Christian Century, you may want to check out their responses). Here are some of the responses from Lafayette —

To simply love and be loved by Him. — Lizzy Smith

Overwhelming grace and love found in Christ. – Bonnie Enix

God’s love through the life of Jesus. — Glenn Uhls

Life of Christ leading me to salvation. — Diane Weber

God still loves you and will forever. –Colin Allstun

God lives with, in, and through us. – Lourene Clark

The gospel is the DNA of Christianity. –  Kevin Fields

The Gospel=the good news. – Lindsey Keim

To follow our LORD in love and faith. — Deborah Copeland

Flawless man sent to rescue undeserving sinners. – Michalie Brown

Death, burial and resurrection of Christ. –  Deb Leahy

God’s desire for a relationship with you. – Greg Malcolm

Through Christ is our salvation! Period!! – Sue Bond

God’s truth and love personified in Christ. – Kathy Zeller

Unconditional love from Creator to His created. – Les Keim

God created. People sinned. God is recreating. – Bob Clark

God returns man to a pure state. – Dennis Enix

Jesus the Messiah, God’s son, redeems us. – Jim Zeller

Thanks to all those who took time to ponder and respond! How would you describe the message and meaning of the gospel in seven words or less? Anybody want to add to this list?

— Bob Clark

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12 Responses to The Gospel in 7 Words (or less)

  1. Keith Clark says:

    This is quite tough. I imagine I’d have a different response each time I tried to respond. Here goes, though:

    Selflessness. Selfishness. Selflessness. Transformation. Together. Kingdom. Forever.

  2. Bill Lallathin says:

    Our opportunity to glorify God for eternity.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Jesus: The way, the truth, the life.

  4. Thanks Keith, Bill, and the anonymous one — Kevin Leahy. I like all these and I agree, Keith, If I were to write mine next week, it would probably be different from what I wrote last. –Bob Clark

  5. Richard Corum says:

    My one path to peace with God.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’m certain that the gospel cannot be reduced to a “sound byte,” but, at your request, I’ll add: “God so loved He gave His Son.” helen

  7. Thanks Richard and Helen! Two more good ones. One of the blessings of this exercise to me is seeing how we all manage to express this amazing story using different words. A friend emailed me, reminding me that “Love God Love All” was a wonderful way to summarize the law and prophets.

  8. Alan Smith says:

    I can “name that song” in 6 notes!

    Relationship with God made possible again.

  9. Dane Roper says:

    Learning what to live for.

  10. MikeB says:

    God in the flesh died for me

  11. Michael M says:

    I read this in the book Unconditional Grace by Phillip Yoncy…

    ” Were bastards, but God Loves us Anyway”

  12. Anonymous says:

    Life Death Judgment Sinful Guilty Pardoned Kingdom

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