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Lafayette Children’s Ministry Mission Statement

It is our mission to bring children into a closer relationship with the Lord by teaching biblical stories and principles in a Christ-centered program. We will strive to edify and nurture their faith and spiritual development by offering worship and learning experiences that will engage and uplift each child as they learn to love, follow, and serve Jesus Christ.

{ And have a some fun while doing it. }

LCM Vision

To glorify God by encouraging children to begin

a lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Children’s Ministry is committed to fostering the spiritual development of children and to support families as they raise their children to follow in Christ’s footsteps. Teaching from the Bible and sharing the love of the Lord to our children is our top priority.

We will strive to provide an atmosphere for our children that teaches and encourages biblical truths and values in a creative and relevant way in a child-centered atmosphere. Our children’s Bible classes are designed to give children the opportunity to learn about God and His word and have fun while doing it. We encourage our teachers to share their faith and love for the Lord and model the importance of worship, prayer and service to others.

We also want to encourage our children to build friendships with others, to grow in the understanding that they are part of the church of today, not just of tomorrow. We pray that every child will be encouraged during their time together and know how precious he or she is in God’s sight.

LCM Goals

• To present the Bible to the children in a way that they can understand and remember

• To help each child understand how God’s Word relates to them personally and to help them continually grow in their Bible knowledge

• To provide a fun, safe and loving environment where parents feel comfortable leaving their child

• To help children feel a strong sense of belonging in their church family and to make sure each child feels welcomed and wanted

• To help each child understand the need for living as an example to the people they come in contact with on a weekly basis

Why is the Children’s Ministry Important?

Children are important to God. The Bible tells us that kids are a blessing from God. While Jesus was on earth, he made a point to welcome children and to affirm their value. The Children’s Ministry strives to do the same while teaching them about their savior.

The Children’s Ministry could be the first place a child has an encounter with Jesus Christ. Research shows that parents remain the most important faith influence in their children’s life, but the Children’s Ministry can play an important part in coming alongside of families to reach their children for Jesus.

The Children’s Ministry could be the best chance for children to accept Christ. Research shows that kids tend to be more receptive to the Gospel than any other age group. This is the best time to plant spiritual seeds.

The Children’s ministry can help set the foundations of faith that is built on the gospel. Research has shown that the faith and beliefs of teens are set during their childhood years. Our teens foundation of faith needs to be started when they enter the nursery, not when they enter high school. Children may be small, but they are capable of having faith that can move mountains. Jesus needs to become real to them, as they explore issues that are relevant to their lives.

The Children’s Ministry has long-term effects. There are few other ministries that can impact the future is such a direct way. When we love and teach children about Jesus, we are potentially influencing future generations as well.

Children need godly role-models to look up to. They need to see and hear the personal testimonies of adults being faithful to the Lord during times of prosper and times of trial. If children see that we have remained faithful to the Lord during our personal hardships, they will be inspired to trust the Lord as well.

Children’s Ministry develops a community of believers and friends. A group of children worshiping, learning the Bible and discovering God together can create strong bonds as well as life-long friendships.

5 Imperatives of the Children’s Ministry

We are striving to incorporate 5 imperatives into every class, program and event we offer at Lafayette. Everything from Sunday morning and Wednesday evening Bible classes and other special events because we don’t want our time with the kids to be wasted.

Child-Centered. This means it needs to be safe, attractive and age-appropriate in every area of the program.

Application-Oriented. We want to teach or share something that the kids can take home and apply to their lives in a practical way. Some of our curriculum uses a “This Week” Principle, meaning an application taught that is relevant, practical and usable “this week” for each child.

Relational. Everything we do needs to be built on the foundation of strong, positive adult/child relationships. We believe that our ministry works best through relationships.

Creative. We want our program to be dynamic and intriguing to children and incorporate many different avenues of communication. We’re not expecting members of our LCM team to be creative, but we want there to be some creativity in the different programs we offer.

Fun. The LCM needs to be a place a child wants to come and would be excited to bring their friends. If the children aren’t having fun, most likely they’re not going to remember whatever it is you’re trying to communicate with them.




Some of the opportunities our team provides:

  • Attended nursery for children birth to 2 years Fall 2014 Lafayette Nursery Schedule
  • Bible classes for children of all ages on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights
  • KidsFest summer Bible camp experience for church and community
  • Family Movie Nights for families with children
  • Trunk or Treat for church and community each October
  • Field trips and activities for children involved in classes